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We are committed to giving our customers fresh quality products every day, as close as possible to the Italian tradition, but we are able to make only a limited number per day. We recommend pre-ordering over the phone to ensure your order.


  • PIZZA OF THE MONTH: ALBA (#23 on the menu)

  • Small pizza (4 slices – 9″): $5

  • Large pizza (8 slices – 12″): $10

  • Half square (better value!): $ 16
    Or try our BEST VALUE PIZZA – 

  • “Square” pizza slab (approx. 45x45cm!). Split combo (half-half) at NO extra cost!                            

    • Margherita slab: $25

    • Any other flavour: $30

  •  Gluten friendly pizza*: $10 (one size only – 10.5″)

  • Wholemeal/Low-GI pizza (Vegan-friendly!): $6 each (small size only)

  • Calzone (‘folded pizza’ containing ricotta, mozzarella, ham, and salami):

    • Small: $5

    • Large: $10

  • Garlic Panino OR Cheesy Garlic Panino: $5 each

  • Neapolitan Fried Pizza: $3

  • **Ask for BUFFALO MOZZARELLA on your favourite pizza for just $5 extra!**



– $1 for any added ingredients on small, large or half square pizzas

– $2 for extra Italian prosciutto

– $5 for buffalo mozzarella

– $2 surcharge for a split combination pizza (for large and half square pizzas)

$2 surcharge for any added ingredients on a square pizza, $4 for extra Italian prosciutto

– $2 surcharge for split combinations of thirds or quarters (max. of 4 quarters for square pizza only)


Our GF pizza base is made without gluten but it is prepared in a floury environment with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% gluten-free. We also cannot guarantee the toppings we use are gluten free. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgement in consuming it.




1) Margherita (cheese) – tomato base, cheese, olive oil, basil

2) Pisa (4 kinds of cheese) – tomato base, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, blue, mushrooms, rosemary

3) Mediterranean (vegetarian) – tomato base, cheese, capsicum, zucchini, olives

4) White Marinara – tomato base, cheese, anchovies, capers, black olives, garlic, oregano

5) Red Marinara – as above but without cheese

6) Sicilia (Hawaiian) – tomato base, cheese, ham, pineapple

7) Bari (Ham & Cheese) – tomato base, cheese, ham

8) Napoli (Ham & Pepperoni) – tomato base, cheese, salami, ham

9) Roma (Supreme) – tomato base, cheese, salami, ham, capsicum, olives, mushrooms

10) Bologna (Meat Lover)– tomato base, cheese, salami, ham, kabana, mushrooms

11) Capriccio – tomato base, cheese, ham, artichoke, olives

12) Garlic pizza – tomato base, cheese, garlic, rosemary

13) Calabria (Pepperoni) – tomato base, cheese, salami (your choice hot or mild!)

14) Torino (Ham & Mushrooms) – tomato base, cheese,  ham, mushrooms

15) Capri – tomato base, cheese, ham, olives, capsicum, anchovies

16) Milano (Chicken) –  tomato base, cheese,chicken, olives, onion, mushrooms

17) Sarda (Lamb) – tomato base, mozzarella, potatoes, lamb, rosemary

18) Siena – tomato base, cheese, gourmet sausage, capsicum, onion

19) Parma – tomato base, cheese, Italian prosciutto, rocket

20) Venezia (seafood mix ~ mussels, octopus, basa fillet, prawns, etc.) tomato base, cheese, seafood mix, olives, capers

21) Michaelangelo: tomato base, mozzarella, chicken, potatoes, Parmesan cheese

22) Valentino: tomato base, mozzarella, cream cheese, bacon, onion, rosemary.

23) Alba (vegetarian): tomato base, mozzarella, truffle paste, feta cheese, spinach,capsicum, olives, mushrooms




SUPER MARGHERITA – Margherita pizza with extra BUFFALO MOZZARELLA  ($15)



WE DO NOT SUBSTITUTE TOPPINGS: You are welcome to take an ingredient off, but any replacement will be charged as an ‘extra’*

*Check ‘SURCHARGES’ above

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