Take Away Menu & Pricing

Please check for availability of products and ingredients.

We are  committed to giving to our customers fresh and great  products every day, as close as possible to the Italian tradition, but we are able to make only a limited number per day.



Mini GELATO cake $8 – A delicious delicacy consisting of chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu’ cream and sponge soaked with coffee.


COFFEE ECLAIRE filled with tiramisu’  $3 each

CHURROS drizzled with dark and white chocolate (in a bucket of 3):  $5 per bucket

PASTIERA (Neapolitan Easter cake): $18 whole / $3 per slice                “Pastiera di grano” is one of the most traditional and popular Easter cake in Italy.  It is prepared to celebrate the incoming European spring. It is a mouthwatering mix of fresh ricotta cheese, wheat (soaked in water for 3 days and the cooked), eggs, sugar and a unique essence of orange blossom flower!






(20) VENEZIA: Italian seafood mix consisting of mussels, octopus, basa fillet, prawns, olives, capers.



Our gourmet pizza on thin base, Italian style, is available in small (4 slices – 9″) and large (8 slices – 12″). We also offer a square pizza slab (a little bit thicker), about 45cm x 45 cm.

  • Small pizza: $5
  • Large pizza: $10
    or try our BEST VALUE PIZZA – 
  • Square pizza slab: $30  (APPROX 45 x 45 cm !)

$1 surcharge for any added ingredients on a large or small pizza, $2 for extra Italian prosciutto

$2 surcharge for a split combination pizza (for large pizzas only)

$2 surcharge for any added ingredients on a square pizza, $4 for extra Italian prosciutto

$2 surcharge for each split combination (max of 4 quarters for square pizzas only)

  •  Gluten friendly  pizza: $10 each (one size only)

DISCLAIMER: Pizza base is made without Gluten but it is prepared in a floury environment with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% gluten free. We also cannot guarantee about the toppings we use. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgement in consuming it.

  • Wholemeal/Low GI pizza (Vegan-friendly!): $6 each (one size only)
  • Calzone (“folded pizza” containing ricotta, mozzarella, ham and salami): small $5; large $10
  • Garlic Panino: $5 each


1) Margherita (Cheese)– tomato base, cheese, olive oil, basil

2) Pisa – tomato base, cheddar, mozzarella,  camembert, blue, mushrooms, rosemary

3) Mediterranean (vegetarian)– tomato base, cheese,  capsicum, zucchini, olives

4) White Marinara – tomato base, cheese, anchovies, capers, black olives, garlic, oregano

5) Red Marinara – as above but without cheese

6) Sicilia (Hawaiian)– tomato base, cheese, ham and pineapple

7) Bari (ham and cheese) – tomato base, ham and cheese

8) Napoli – tomato base, cheese, salami (mild or hot) ham

9) Roma (supreme) – tomato base, cheese, salami, ham, capsicum, olives, mushrooms

10) Bologna (meat lover)– tomato base, cheese, salami (mild or hot), ham, kabana, mushrooms

11) Capriccio – tomato base, cheese, ham, artichoke, olives

12) Garlic pizza – tomato base, cheese, garlic, rosemary

13) Calabria (pepperoni) – tomato base, cheese, salami (hot or mild)

14) Torino (ham and mushrooms)– tomato base, cheese,  ham, mushrooms

15) Capri – tomato base, cheese, ham, olives, capsicum, anchovies

16) Milano (chicken) –  tomato base, cheese, chicken, olives, onion, mushrooms

17) Sarda (lamb) – tomato base, mozzarella, potatoes, lamb, rosemary

18) Siena – tomato base, cheese, gourmet sausage, capsicum, onion

19) Parma – tomato  base, mozzarella, Italian prosciutto, fresh rocket

20) Venezia – Italian seafood mix consisting of mussels, octopus, Basa fillet, olives, capers


PLEASE HELP US TO KEEP OUR WORK SIMPLE SO WE CAN KEEP OUR PRICES LOW                                                      

WE DO NOT SUBSTITUTE TOPPINGS: You are welcome to take an ingredient off, but any replacement will be charged as an “extra”.                                





  • Lasagne: $8 per portion (650 ml)
  • Carbonara: $8 per portion (650 ml)
  • All other gourmet pasta (beef ravioli,  home made potato gnocchi, home made tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and cream):  $8 per portion (500 ml)

Please Note:
Pasta varies each night. Please inquire us if you would like to know our pasta specials for the night. Also, pasta is fresh and refrigerated for the convenience of our costumers. If you would like it heated, please specify it when placing the order.



Second Meal


  • Polpette (meatball) and potato in Napoletana sauce $10 per portion

Please Note:

– This meal may not always be available, so please inquire us before ordering.



Desserts & Cakes


    • Cakes: whole from $18 (Price per slice from $3)

    These are a few of the cakes we have available:

    • Pastiera Napoletana (ricotta, wheat, eggs, citrus peel): $18
    • Ricottella (sweet ricotta and Nutella cake): $18
    • Italian Blueberry Cheesecake: $18
    • Caprese cake (Low GI and Gluten friendly!): almond, chocolate, butter, sugar and eggs (no flour)or Lemon Caprese (white chocolate, almond, lemon, flour) $18
    • Tiramisu’ small: $6 per container or Tiramisu’ grande $16
    • Éclairs (custard or chocolate or tiramisu)$3 each
    • Cannoli “Siciliani” (custard or chocolate or sweet ricotta with chocolate chips and citrus peel): $3 each
    • Cannoli “semifreddo” with tiramisu’ and chocolate: $3 each
    • Almond Biscuits (“Pasta Di Mandorla”): $2 each
    • Mini gelato cake: $8 per container or $25 whole gelato cake

    Please Note:

    Pastries vary each night. Please inquire us if you would like to know our dessert special for the night.





  • Short Black: $2
  • Flat White: $3
  • Cappucino: $3
  • Hot Chocolate: $4


SORRY, WE DO NOT DELIVER AND WE CANNOT RESERVE TABLES. We are NOT BYO and do NOT serve any alcoholic drink.

EFTPOS AVAILABLE (Visa and MasterCard only) but in order to cover part of the transaction costs and keep our prices low,  all payments UNDER $12 incur a 50c TRANSACTION FEE.


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